Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the short list of things that I'm good at, the word 'blogging' would not be found.  Unless, of course, it were to be included in the phrase 'not blogging very often.'  I'm pretty good at that.  I blame my neuroses.
I once asked a girl in some trendy hipster Williamsburg restaurant,
 "What's the most neurotic thing you did today?"
She replied,
"Um, I might have lightly vacuumed my dog..."
I found that neurotic, yes,but the words 'might' and 'lightly' really made me laugh.  And she was really cute...that curly, dark, pinned-up hair, doe-eyes behind vintage frames, milky complexion, mid-eighties sun dress kind of cute.  Still, the girl vacuumed her dog...but I can relate.  I'm the guy that keeps constant tabs on the 'play count' column in iTunes.  If by some arbitrary  reason (remember, we're talking neuroses here), I deem 27 the max number of plays for a certain song, I'll actually skip ahead before the end of said song the next time I play it so it iTunes doesn't count it.  I've got more examples.  Just ask.
And so it is with blogging.  I'll post something...then I forget that I even have a blog for like 6 months.  When I come back to it, I read my the most recent post and my life doesn't even resemble what was going on last time I made an entry.  If I were to post something new, it would completely render the former entry invalid.  Besides, more often than not, I think I sound like a fool in the previous entry anyway.  Every time I sign in to this blog, I want to delete all my posts and start over again.  See?  Told you I was neurotic.
But I won't delete the previous posts, seeing as they kind of have something to do with what's going on these days (truth be told...I actually deleted a bunch about 8 months ago.  Come on, they were totally irrelevant and my writing was really really lame),

Utah wine is still happening.

Yes.  It is.  Yes.

I just thought I needed a bit more experience in shorter growing seasons, higher altitudes, and with more appropriate grape varieties before I should plant in 'Zion.'  Unfortunately, Dry Creek Valley, CA couldn't afford me those things.

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